Popsicles Molds

Popsicle Molds from HEB

Now that it’s summertime, I’ve been craving iced treats. I found several popsicle recipes on Pinterest, so I decided to make my own. I went to Target on Great Hills and Research Blvd. and couldn’t find popsicle molds. I walked all around the HEB in the Arboretum searching for them; still no luck. I finally found a set of four at Bed Bath & Beyond. They were $4.99 ($4.32 with a 20% off coupon and tax). I thought I was getting a good deal. Well, last night Ben and I were back at the same HEB and guess what we came across in the crackers/cookies aisle…CRAYOLA POPSICLE MOLDS! These are way better than the BB&B ones because 1) they were only $1.97 and 2) the popsicles come out of the molds more easily.

Lessons learned:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond is still expensive even with coupons.
  • I should go up and down each aisle in HEB to find what I need.