Happy 2nd Birthday, Mac!

We celebrated Mac the Pug’s birthday yesterday at Round Rock Dog Depot.  I had never been there before, but my friend said it had plenty of room to run around, some shaded tables, and divisions for large and small dogs.

Although Mac is considered a small dog, we spent the entire time in the large dog area (just to clarify, small dogs are allowed in the large dog area, but large dogs are not allowed in the big dog area…not like this is strongly enforced though).

We got there around 5 and stayed for 2.5 hours.  It was hot!! I thought I was being clever by starting the party in the evening, but I forgot how long the TX summer days are.  Supposedly, the park gets packed around 8 pm when it’s slightly cooler.

I think we all had a fun time…the dogs, especially!  See below for pictures:

There was a small kiddy pool for the dogs.

There was this hill/tunnel thing that I called the Teletubby Hill. It was pretty cool, but Mac was a little too scared to run through it.

Leon is sharing secrets with Mac.

Enjoying homemade doggie cake

Chowing down

The Three Musketeers