Livestrong Austin Marathon

Congratulations to my husband and all the other runners who completed the Livestrong Austin Marathon and Half Marathon this morning! There was such a diverse crowd: elderly folks, a pregnant woman, a blind man, people running with no shoes, people running with heavy packs on their backs, parents pushing strollers…you name it!

Although the morning started off chilly and windy, it felt great by noon…perfect weather for a run! There were about 18,000 participants (of which 70% were out-of-towners), 30+ bands playing at random spots along the course, and Lance Armstrong supposedly showed up to do the half!

It looked so fun that for a moment I contemplated signing up for next year’s.  But then I reminded myself how much I hate running and how lazy I am.  Ha.  We’ll see…I have another 360-some days to train if I really do decide to run.

TX State Capitol

Participants dashing/limping past the TX State Capitol for the finish line

Finish Line

The Finish Line!

Finisher's Medal

The Finisher's Medal