Beware the Angry Delivery Man from Dragon Gate by Phoenix

I just posted this review on Yelp about Dragon Gate by Phoenix.

“My colleagues and I have ordered from Dragon Gate quite a few times since they deliver to our office.  However, after today’s experience, I don’t think I will ever order from them again.

The first time we ordered, I volunteered to call.  I guess Dragon Gate decided to save my name and extension as the permanent contact for our company.

We never had problems with this restaurant in the past.  We actually thought the food was decent, portions were big, prices were reasonable, and wait was never long.

Just a while ago, I got a phone call on my extension.  I barely said hello before the man on the other line said loudly and rudely, “Delivery! I am locked out! You locked me out!”

Um, OK.  I didn’t order delivery, but I decided to go and open the door for him (we don’t have a receptionist at the moment).  I figured the customer’s name would be on the ticket.  Anyway, I opened the door, and he immediately said, “$15.02!” I asked to look at the name on the ticket.  I was surprised to see it was MY name…misspelled.

I said that I was the person on the ticket, but I didn’t order and the info must’ve been saved from the last time I called.  He gave an exasperated sigh and said “I’m very busy! I have so  many deliveries this afternoon. I don’t have time for this!” I invited him to wait AT THE ENTRANCE while I figured out who had ordered.

Well, the delivery man pushed his way in, walked into our office, and started yelling (I kid you not), “WHO ORDERED FOOD? DELIVERY! WHO ORDERED FOOD?” I told him to please wait while I found out.  He kept yelling, and EVERYONE was standing up looking over their cubicle walls in confusion at this frazzled delivery man.  Finally, I found the person who had ordered from Dragon Gate.  She went to deal with him, but it turned out it wasn’t her order.

I’m not sure what happened, but the delivery man left in a huff.

I know this is just one instance out of the several times we have ordered.  But I don’t want to risk getting this man again.

Today’s fiasco created some laughs, but it was pretty embarrassing considering we had an interviewee in the office at the time.  Let’s hope Dragon Gate holds an employee etiquette course because the man’s behavior was not professional one bit.”


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