Pugapalooza 2012 was a success!

OMG, never have I seen so many pugs in one place! Yesterday was insane.  We went to Austin Canine Central for Pugapalooza.  I did not expect to meet so many pugs and pug owners.  It was great.  I was really hoping for Mac (my dog) to meet other furry friends since he hasn’t had the chance to socialize much since we moved here, but he kept running from other dogs and jumping into people’s laps.

There were fat pugs, thin pugs, old pugs, young pugs, fawn pugs, black pugs, puggles (pug/beagle mixes), chugs (chihuahua pug mixes), and even other non-pug dogs!

The costume contest was super cute.  I didn’t get too many clear pictures since none of the contestants would stay still long enough, but here’s one shot I got of “Willie Nelson”.  He had the best costume in my opinion.

Mac was pooped!

Chuck (the black pug) meeting a non-pug friend
Although Chuck doesn't have use of all four legs, he sure is a quick one! He's up for adoption.

Here's Old Boy. He's about 12 YO, slightly blind and deaf. He's such a sweetheart!

Pugs sure love treats!


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