Painting with a Twist

This past week, my company organized a Painting with a Twist event.  You might be asking, “What is Painting with a Twist?”  Basically, you attend an art class held at any Painting with a Twist location and paint (duh)! They provide all the materials — canvas, acrylic paints, aprons, etc.  The twist is that you can B.Y.O.B.!

It’s $35 per person for a 2-hr painting, $45 for a 3-hr one.  My colleagues and I did a 3-hour painting of the 360/Pennybacker Bridge since our office is located right by it.

Frankly, I lack any artistic ability and was a little doubtful of how my painting would turn out.  But I must say I was impressed with my final product! The instructors were super nice and walked you step by step through the process.  I really appreciated the fact that they did not tell you how your painting was supposed to look. If you wanted to paint your sky red instead of blue, that was fine.

I definitely would like to go again.  They offer so many different paintings…you can even bring in a photo of your pet and paint that!

Take a peek at my pictures below.

Step 1

We all started off with a blank canvas, of course.

Step 2

Then, we were instructed to paint the sky and water.

Step 3

After that, we painted in waves, the shadow of the bridge, the grassy bank, hills, and clouds.

Step 3

Next, we painted in the rocks and foliage.

Step 5

Finally, we painted in the bridge! Not too shabby, right?


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