Pho Hoang

My husband and I went to Pho Hoang this morning for a late breakfast/early lunch.  I had just read about it on my friend’s blog and decided to try it.  We went to the one off of Rutland Drive, near Burnet.

As we pulled into the plaza, I looked around and realized I had been to this restaurant before when I was in university.  I remembered because it was “cash only”, and my friend and I, being broke college kids, only had enough money for about 75% of our bill.  The waitress was gracious enough to accept what we had.

Anyway, my husband and I walked in and were seated immediately.  There was only one other group of three, so the waiter took our orders and brought the food out quickly.  We both got the small bowl of the House Special Beef Pho.  The portion size was huge, especially considering it was only $5.85/bowl.

House Special Beef Pho

House special Beef Pho covered with bean sprouts, mint leaves, and basil with a few squeezes of lime juice; spoon of Sriracha and hoisin sauce on the side for meat-dipping

I’m not sure if we went on a bad day, but I wasn’t too impressed.  The broth was a little darker than I’m used to, which is usually a sign of too much beef paste.  It also wasn’t as fragrant as some of the other pho I’ve tried.  In Pho Hoang’s defense, I was suffering from bad allergies…it could’ve been that I couldn’t smell anything.  Going back to the overuse of beef paste, my husband and I both had slight headaches this afternoon.  We’re suspecting it might be from the over-flavoring and MSG of the soup.

I think I’ll just stick to my current go-to pho places.


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