Le Soleil

I went to Le Soleil tonight for a friend’s birthday.  It’s off of Rutland and Lamar Blvd.  I had never been there before, and the plaza looked a bit sketchy.  Although the place was really hole-in-the-wall-ish, it seemed safe and service was good.

There were six of us, and we ordered the banquet for two plus a chef’s special.  It was more than enough food.

The banquet came with hot and sour soup (choice of shrimp or catfish), a hot clay pot dish (choice of catfish or fried tilapia), and a meat dish (choice of shaken beef, beef spicy lemongrass, or beef with Chinese broccoli and mushroom).  For the chef’s special, we got the grilled catfish.  Sorry for the poor quality pictures…I was using my phone.

Hot and Sour Soup

Shrimp Hot and Sour Soup -- this was probably one of my favorite dishes of the night.

Hot Clay Pot Catfish

Catfish in the Hot Clay Pot -- a bit too spicy for my taste

Shaken Beef

Shaken Beef -- I thought this was the best!

Grilled Catfish

Grilled Catfish -- the menu listed "Grilled Catfish", but it was actually fried. Go figure. It was HUGE and pretty good.

Fixings for Grilled Catfish

Fixings for the Grilled Catfish -- shredded carrots and daikon, cucumbers, lettuce, mint leaves (I think)

Grilled Catfish Wrapped in Rice Paper

We were supposed to use rice paper to wrap the grilled catfish and fixings. This was my first attempt. FAIL!

Grilled Catfish Wrapped in Rice Paper 2

This was my second attempt...much better!

I think I’ll have to come here again before I can decide how much I like this place.  The menu had a page of “Exotic Food” that seemed pretty interesting.  For some reason, it isn’t on the website, but I remember it offered alligator GRILLED AT YOUR TABLE, rabbit, quail, etc.


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